About us

Born out of the daydreams of two working women in Australia who share their lives with their respective quirky, fiercely loyal, and exceedingly spoilt fur babies, Dogaholics Anonymous hopes to provide an unique range of apparel and accessories created specifically for dog loving girls and guys.



Micky the Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Meet Micky, a clingy Staffie mix who loves long cuddles, walks in the mellow afternoon sunshine and gnawing at his extensive collection of dog toys.  Micky will do almost anything for food, and is a boisterous fun spirited soul.  




 Eddie the Japanese Spitz


Meet Eddie, a whip smart Japanese Spitz who adores sunbathing, long naps and being generally babied.  Eddie has a darling temperament, and is always looking out for an opportunity for a belly rub.